Agro Food Products

We are an eminent processor, exporter and importer of a comprehensive array of Cashew Nuts, Wine, Dry-fruits, Vegetables and Fruits. Our range is planted and raised using natural manure by our associated vendors which assure that our range is safe to use and consume. Quality and purity are the basic attributes of our products. Moreover, we also specialize in offering a range of seasonal flowers with soothing and garden fresh flowers.


Our range is mentioned below:

Fresh Fruits

Fresh PomegranateGet Quotation

Fresh Pomegranate

Fresh StrawberryGet Quotation

Fresh Strawberry

Fresh BananaGet Quotation

Fresh Banana

Custard AppleGet Quotation

Custard Apple

Green GrapesGet Quotation

Green Grapes

Jack FruitGet Quotation

Jack Fruit

Dehydrated Vegetable Powder

Dehydrated Fruits

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh OnionGet Quotation

Fresh Onion

Fresh Green CabbageGet Quotation

Fresh Green Cabbage

Fresh CarrotGet Quotation

Fresh Carrot

Fresh CauliflowerGet Quotation

Fresh Cauliflower

Fresh CorianderGet Quotation

Fresh Coriander

Fresh CucumbersGet Quotation

Fresh Cucumbers

Fresh Flowers

Lillium FlowerGet Quotation

Lillium Flower

Mogra FlowerGet Quotation

Mogra Flower

Dutch RoseGet Quotation

Dutch Rose

Carnation FlowerGet Quotation

Carnation Flower

Glado FlowerGet Quotation

Glado Flower

Chrysanthemum FlowerGet Quotation

Chrysanthemum Flower

Dry Fruits

Almond KernelsGet Quotation

Almond Kernels

Cashew NutsGet Quotation

Cashew Nuts

Brown KishmishGet Quotation

Brown Kishmish

Green PistachioGet Quotation

Green Pistachio

Dry FigsGet Quotation

Dry Figs

Yellow RaisinGet Quotation

Yellow Raisin

Fruit Drinks

Orange CrushGet Quotation

Orange Crush

Blueberry CrushGet Quotation

Blueberry Crush

Kiwi CrushGet Quotation

Kiwi Crush

Litchi CrushGet Quotation

Litchi Crush

Nutritious Meat

Animal MeatGet Quotation

Animal Meat

Frozen MeatGet Quotation

Frozen Meat

Pekin Duck EggGet Quotation

Pekin Duck Egg

Kadaknath ChickenGet Quotation

Kadaknath Chicken

Kadaknath EggGet Quotation

Kadaknath Egg

Kadaknath ChickenGet Quotation

Kadaknath Chicken

Fruit Seeds

Tropical Fruit SeedsGet Quotation

Tropical Fruit Seeds

White Rice

White RiceGet Quotation

White Rice

Indian Whole Spices

Black PepperGet Quotation

Black Pepper

Green CardamomGet Quotation

Green Cardamom

Dried CloveGet Quotation

Dried Clove

Cumin SeedsGet Quotation

Cumin Seeds

Curry LeavesGet Quotation

Curry Leaves

Dry GingerGet Quotation

Dry Ginger

Dry Rose Petals

Rose PetalsGet Quotation

Rose Petals

Marigold Flowers

Marigold FlowerGet Quotation

Marigold Flower

Genda FlowerGet Quotation

Genda Flower

Jhendu FlowerGet Quotation

Jhendu Flower

Caltha FlowerGet Quotation

Caltha Flower

Marybud FlowerGet Quotation

Marybud Flower

Dried Marigold PetalsGet Quotation

Dried Marigold Petals

Exotic Vegetables

BroccoliGet Quotation


BasilGet Quotation


ArtichokesGet Quotation


Brussels SproutsGet Quotation

Brussels Sprouts

Celery CabbageGet Quotation

Celery Cabbage

Ice Berg LettucGet Quotation

Ice Berg Lettuc

Spray Dried Vegetable Powder

Spray Dried Fruits Powder

Fruits Pulp

Pineapple PulpGet Quotation

Pineapple Pulp

Custard Apple PulpGet Quotation

Custard Apple Pulp

Mango PulpGet Quotation

Mango Pulp

Guava PulpGet Quotation

Guava Pulp

Orange PulpGet Quotation

Orange Pulp

Papaya PulpGet Quotation

Papaya Pulp

Grain and Pulses

Arhar DalGet Quotation

Arhar Dal

Masoor DalGet Quotation

Masoor Dal

SorghumGet Quotation


Yellow MaizeGet Quotation

Yellow Maize

Urad DalGet Quotation

Urad Dal

Green Moong BeansGet Quotation

Green Moong Beans

Organic Products

Organic SpicesGet Quotation

Organic Spices

Organic Garlic PasteGet Quotation

Organic Garlic Paste

Organic JaggeryGet Quotation

Organic Jaggery

Organic OnionGet Quotation

Organic Onion

Organic PotatoesGet Quotation

Organic Potatoes

Jam Jelly

Jelly JarGet Quotation

Jelly Jar

Toy Jelly JarGet Quotation

Toy Jelly Jar

Jam JellyGet Quotation

Jam Jelly

Fruit Jelly CupGet Quotation

Fruit Jelly Cup

Processed Indian Spices

Garam MasalaGet Quotation

Garam Masala

Coriander PowderGet Quotation

Coriander Powder

Turmeric PowderGet Quotation

Turmeric Powder

Red Chilli PowderGet Quotation

Red Chilli Powder

Black Pepper PowderGet Quotation

Black Pepper Powder

Mixed MasalaGet Quotation

Mixed Masala

Flower Plant

Red HibiscusGet Quotation

Red Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus PlantGet Quotation

Red Hibiscus Plant

Back FycusGet Quotation

Back Fycus

Butt MograGet Quotation

Butt Mogra

Red White RoseGet Quotation

Red White Rose

KanherGet Quotation


Green Plants

Coconut Golden PlantGet Quotation

Coconut Golden Plant

Supari PalmGet Quotation

Supari Palm

Sigapuri CoconutGet Quotation

Sigapuri Coconut

Bismarckia PalmGet Quotation

Bismarckia Palm

Ficus Benjamina PlantGet Quotation

Ficus Benjamina Plant

Lolina Palm PlantGet Quotation

Lolina Palm Plant

Soya Protein Powder

Goat Meat

Goat Fresh MeatGet Quotation

Goat Fresh Meat

Goat Breeds

Sirohi GoatGet Quotation

Sirohi Goat

Boer GoatGet Quotation

Boer Goat

Jamunapari GoatGet Quotation

Jamunapari Goat

Beetal GoatGet Quotation

Beetal Goat

Sojat GoatGet Quotation

Sojat Goat

Alpine GoatGet Quotation

Alpine Goat

Flours Powder

Wheat FlourGet Quotation

Wheat Flour

Rice FlourGet Quotation

Rice Flour

Gram FlourGet Quotation

Gram Flour

Millet FlourGet Quotation

Millet Flour

Ragi FlourGet Quotation

Ragi Flour

Corn FlourGet Quotation

Corn Flour

Flower Plants

Gerbera PlantsGet Quotation

Gerbera Plants

Carmel Flower PlantGet Quotation

Carmel Flower Plant

Rose PlantGet Quotation

Rose Plant

Banana PlantGet Quotation

Banana Plant

Marigold PlantGet Quotation

Marigold Plant

Hibiscus PlantGet Quotation

Hibiscus Plant

Agricultural Herbs

Celery HerbsGet Quotation

Celery Herbs

Piper Betel PlantGet Quotation

Piper Betel Plant

BrahmiGet Quotation


KadipattaGet Quotation


Tulsi PlantGet Quotation

Tulsi Plant

Vekhand LeavesGet Quotation

Vekhand Leaves

Dry Flowers

Dry FlowersGet Quotation

Dry Flowers

Dried Rose PetalsGet Quotation

Dried Rose Petals

Dried JasmineGet Quotation

Dried Jasmine

Nutritious Meats

Pekin Duck EggGet Quotation

Pekin Duck Egg

Turkey MeatGet Quotation

Turkey Meat

Kadaknath ChickenGet Quotation

Kadaknath Chicken

Kadaknath EggGet Quotation

Kadaknath Egg

KadaknathGet Quotation


Dehydrated Ginger Granule