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Corporate Presentation - Yesraj Agro Exports Private Limited, Pune, Maharashtra
Slide 1. Processor and Exporter of Cashew Nuts, Wine, Dry Fruits, Vegetables And Fruits Slide 2. About Us, Established in 2007, Pune, Specialized R&D departments, Well equipped infrastructure units, Capacious warehousing & packaging facility, Client centric organization, Export to North Europe, East Asia, South East Asia & other countries Slide 3. Why Us?, Maximum clients satisfaction, Fresh & nutritional range of products, Competitive prices & timeliness, Controlled by various safety environments, Customized as per clients needs, Expert & diligent workforce Slide 4. Products, Fresh & Dry Fruits, Fresh Vegetables & Flowers, Nutritious Meat, Jam & Jelly, Fruit Seeds & dry roses, Rice & Indian Spices Slide 5. Fresh & Dry Fruits, Banana & Custard Apple, Grapes & Jack Fruit, Muscat Type Grape, Almonds & Cashew nuts, Kishmis & Pistachio, Dry Figs, Sell Offer For Raisin Slide 6. Fresh Vegetables & Flower, Onion, Cabbage, Carrot & Chilli, Coriander, Cucumber & Drumsticks, Green chilli, Ladies Finger & Spinach, Potato, Garlic & Mushrooms, Lillium, Mogra, Jarbera & Glado, Dutch Rose, Carnation & Anthrium, Orchid, Marigold, Lily & Jasmine Slide 7. Nutritious Meat, Jam & Jelly, Concentrated Apple Juice, Assorted Cup Jelly Jar, Orange Crush, Blueberry Crush, Kiwi Crush, Litchi Crush, Mango Crush, Pink Guava Crush Slide 8. Fruit Seeds & Dry Roses Tropical Fruit Seeds Roses Patels Slide 9. Rice & Indian Spices, White Rice & Black pepper, Cardamom & Clove (Dried), Cumin Seeds & Curry Leaves, Ginger (Dry) & Iodised Salt, Mustard Seeds & Nutmeg, Red Chilli Powder, Sea same Seeds